The goal of this redesign was to create a modern, personalized, and organized dashboard.
We accomplished this by:

  • Organizing IA to help users quickly and easily understand the global navigation and dashboard content.
  • Updating the aesthetic to guide users to important features and engage tools.
  • Creating an onboarding tour to walk 1st time users through the dashboard.

This project consisted of a “smaller than normal” group of stakeholders. This enabled us to work quickly and efficiently getting this project from concept to live in a matter of weeks. Key players included:

  • Product Director
  • 3 Front-end Developers
  • Voice Over Talent
  • In-depth review and analysis of existing dashboard.
  • Researched dashboard designs trends and best practices.
  • Created a consistent and pleasant aesthetic.
  • Wrote script for onboarding tour.
  • Photoshop (user interface designs)
  • Invision (prototype)

My Role & Contributions

  • Project Manager
  • UI / UX Designer
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Copywriting
  • Clickable Prototype

Product Onboarding Tour

1st time users experience a product onboarding tour that walks users through a series of helpful tools by visually highlighting main features on the dashboard.

Zero States

Dashboard panels display zero states (panel description, supporting icon, and demo) to help the user understand the user interface and incite engagement.

Active States

This screen shows dashboard panels populated with the users most recent activity.

Interactive States

This screen shows several interactive states. Including: on, hover, rollover, tooltip, pop-under, dropdown, selected, and loading.

Before & After Screenshots

This is what the product dashboard looked like before and after the redesign.