The goal of this project was to design a mobile website for Hoover’s – a business intelligence tool.

Analytics revealed that 11% of our customers visit Hoover’s from mobile / tablet devices and as the screen size gets smaller the amount of returning visitors does too. We also discovered that mobile users are more likely to be new visitors, which meant a mobile experience needed to be created to captivate new users, increase repeat visitors, and drive subscriptions.

Cross-functional key players included:

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Discovery & Recommendations Consultant
  • UI / UX Designer
  • The first phase of the project was to dig into business discovery and user research to understand the problem.
  • Synthesis workshops allowed us to distill our findings and insights into strategic areas of focus.
  • Stakeholder interviews to determine objectives, insights, and target audiences.
  • Customer surveys to gather feedback on positive, neutral, and negative comments about Hoover’s.
  • Competitive review to see how our competitors engage with customers.
  • Designing wireframes, visual style guide, and an interactive prototype.
  • Photoshop (wireframes & user interface designs)
  • Invision (prototype)

My Role & Contributions